Chad Dyar | Hurricane Preparation: Bread, Milk and Eggs?
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Hurricane Preparation: Bread, Milk and Eggs?

Hurricane Preparation: Bread, Milk and Eggs?

Hurricane Irma is bearing down on the US and if you’re anything like me, you decided to bunker down and not leave.  If you decided to stay, you’re probably preparing by running to the grocery store, piling a full aisle of bottled water in your cart and buying every egg, gallon of milk and loaf of bread within a 10 mile radius of your house.  But before you hit the corner store, let’s take a minute and think about how we should prepare.

Gas Up

If you’re in any city like Charleston, gas stations gas gauges are hitting “E.”  There are still some gas stations who are pumping the juice that makes our cars go but they’re increasingly becoming fewer and fewer.  If you have multiple vehicles, fill each one up, just in case.

Prepare to Camp

I don’t mean literally, hopefully your home will be safe but it’s time to pretend that you’re about to go on a camping trip.  Think of things you would need and how you would survive on a trip to the great outdoors.  Get flashlights and batteries in case the power goes out from some oak tree limb that falls on a power line nearby.  Go to REI, Half Moon Outfitters or an outdoor store nearby and get a small camping stove and the correct fuel to power it.  I personally own the MSR Pocket Rocket that’s fueled by isopro fuel canisters (a blend of isobutane and propane) and it works wonderfully!

Shop for Camping Food

Stock up on water.  If the h2o aisles in your local stores are all bone dry, that’s okay.  You can still prepare.  Fill up your own jugs, bottles, pots, bowls, hydration bladders, whatever with clean drinking water.  If you don’t have many liquid holding vessels, go buy some 2 liter sodas, pour them out (or drink them quickly) and fill them with clean drinking water after cleaning the bottles.

When it comes to food, stock up on things that you would take camping.  Buy nonperishable items or items that can last for a while outside of a fridge.  It’s also smart to buy food that doesn’t take much to prepare or cook like beans, peanut butter, jelly, noodles, rice, bread, oats, breakfast bars, instant oatmeal, the list goes on.  Click here to download a list of food items that I suggest when taking a road trip.  All of these foods work well in a situation like this too!

Prepare for Flooding

If you’re in a low lying area or land that is very close to water, prepare for flooding.  Put things that you don’t want damaged up high.  Throw things on shelves, in cabinets, on spare beds, on dressers, wherever there is higher ground.

Lock Your Toys Down

If you’re like a lot of us in Charleston, you have fun toys that sit around outside.  No, I don’t mean GI Joes and Barbie dolls.  I mean kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards and all of the other fun things.  Lock those toys down.  Put them in a garage, inside the house, in a utility room or just tie them down to something sturdy.  Don’t let your toys float off to your neighbors house.  They might be cool people but let them buy their own toys.

There can be a lot that goes into preparing for a big storm like this and this article is in no way meant to tell you everything that you should take care of before Irma lands.  This is also not an article that is meant to convince you to stay in a dangerous area.  If you can evacuate, please do so safely.  However, I know some will decide stick around and these are a few things that I know some folks don’t think of so I just wanted to share.  Everyone please be safe, help each other out alnd enjoy a little hurricane party.

Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare for the storm?  Please leave them in the comments below!

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