Chad Dyar | Travel Coach | Adventure Planner
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Travel Consultant

Life Coach

Adventure Planner

About Chad

I’m from South Carolina but was born on the other side of the world in Guam. You might say I came into this world with the love of distant lands in my blood. I feel as though I’ve lived a hundred lifetimes, including one as an employee of corporate America, one as a musician and one as a traveling photographer. One day, I decided to solo road trip across the US from coast to coast. Camping, hitting the open road and shooting photos became the norm in my life.  My travels have taken me from the US to Southeast Asia and back again.  It’s my philosophy that travel makes you wiser, stronger and more understanding of the world and the people around you.  I’ve learned so much through travel.  Now, I’m here to help you design your journey!
Chad Dyar

Chad Dyar

Travel & Adventure Coach

Chad specializes in


Researching destinations, things to do & adventures so you don't have to.


Mapping out the most efficient travel route for you based on the things you want to see and do.


Helping you plan and set up adventures, excursions and other activities along your journey.


Finding and booking deals on flights & accommodations.


Putting together a list of gear and travel supplies needed for your particular trip.


Assisting in shopping for gear needed for your adventures.

Your adventure is waiting…

Here are a few places you could visit!  This is not a complete list of places you can go.  These are just a few ideas for inspiration.

From the blog

Tips, tricks and stories from my travels…
I have experience in long and short-term travel. Let me know how I can help.